Monday, January 21, 2013


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Tam Bao Dan said...

Dear Lee, thank you so much for blogging about Mrs. Helena Chang. It has been a while but do you still keep in touch with Mrs. Chang? Would you be able to give us her contact information? I am writing on behalf of Viet Nalanda Foundation We have been looking for the person/ organization that holds the translation rights to Dr. Chang's Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa. We already have someone translated this treasured book into Vietnamese and wish to print them for free distribution in the United States and in Vietnam. We will distribute them widely within the Vietnamese Buddhist communities. It is our organization's aspiration to print Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhist books for free distribution and we have printed various books yearly since 2006. Please kindly let me know how to contact you or Mrs. Helena Chang off site. We already contacted many publishers, especially Shambala but could not get any information regarding translation and copy rights. Then we stumbled across your blog and we are truly so very grateful. From Hoai Huong and Sue-Sue.