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An English Translation of Master Hui Zhen’s Mindful Dispensation # 19 (June 2, 2007

We first met Master Hui Zhen when we attended his Dharma Lecture series on the Consciousness Only School of Buddhism held in Tampa last December. Since then we have been visiting his chinese blog regularly and came to know of his rendition which we have literally translated as HuiZhen’s Mindful Dispensation. He has so far written 20 such articles in his typical free flowing style. And we found #19, which he published on June 2, 2007, to be especially germane to all of us today when oneupmanship seems to be the order of the day, oftentimes resulting in wasterful efforts and strained relationship.

In this respect, Master Hui Zhen has kindly agreed to share this particular dispensation of his in the form of an English translation. As usual any inadequacy that arises in the translation is solely ours and we hope you would be able to take home some of the messages that would put you in good stead in inter-personal dealings.

Master Hui Zhen’s Mindful Dispensation # 19 (June 2, 2007)
(An English translation)

Sometimes, it makes sense for us to be less smart, to have less complicated thoughts, and to be less scheming too. But we have to act wisely, at any time.

Being smart is knowing how to deal with others, but being wise is understanding how to live with ourselves. Smartness is necessary in external exploration, but introspection is virtually impossible without wisdom. To be smart is nifty in doing things, but wisdom is manifested through poise. Smartness begets receiving while wisdom leads to giving. A smart Alec will not necessarily be happy, but a wise man will be at ease for sure.

A smart person is, well, smart. On the other hand, a wise man can appear ignorant on the surface out of modesty but erudite deep down. Why do smart people fumble? Simply because they are conceited, believing themselves to be above others. Frequently the supposedly smart way turns out to be less than effective, begging the question as to who really is the smart one.

A smart person always attempts to change others, often getting agitated in the process. A wise person will first conduct a self review, continuously seeking ways to improve/upgrade oneself, hence effecting liberation.

Basically, take the case of a man and a woman wanting to get married to each other, but their purpose for matrimony is diametrically opposite. A man marries a woman for her present fine qualities, wishing that these will remain true long into the future. A woman, on the other hand, marries a man with the hope that he will change into the perfect husband that she dreams of.

Therefore, those who want a wife wish for a perfect spouse. And those who want a husband hope to settle in with a perfect man. The answer is a foregone conclusion: they will never find each other.

A wise one tries one’s level best to accept others’ shortcomings in stride, and to uncover their worthy attributes. And that’s the surest way to lead a harmonious and fulfilling life.

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