Thursday, January 11, 2007


Most of us have heard of de-listing, right? Which is to remove one from the list, any list, shortlist, etc. Or what about de-commissioning? De-toxing? Not to mention de-throning, de-facing, and de-bugging? Now there is de-lurking, which I first read here , which pointed me to here (from where the button below is taken). Apparently, there used to be a De-lurking Day, but now there's a De-Lurking Week for those lurkers to amend their "silent", "reticent" way.

Delurking is a heart-felt appeal to lurkers in the blogosphere, those who read blogs but do not comment, to come out of the proverbial closet and pen their impressions, perceptions, objections, etc., in the comment boxes.

The comments are valuable feedbacks to the bloggers whether they are on the mark or off the mark, whether they enjoy a readership of one (though now one can have a sense of that by installing a stats counter), several, scores, or many.

So far I have yet to break into the double digit realm as far as the number of comments on my blogs goes. So be a sport, make some noise (though I can’t hear it, I would be able to see it).

In case you did not notice, I did not blog yesterday too. Not that I’m losing steam for lack of readership or whatever. I was actually preoccupied with preparing some supporting documents for my D’s college application, those required for establishing Florida residency and demonstrating sufficient funds for a college education. Fortunately, I have already gone down the same road last year, then for my S’s college application. So that helps. Anyway now the matter is in the hands of the Admission Offices.

One of the U’s she is eying is UF, the only college with a double championship trophies in collegiate sports in the same year, as of now. I read that UF is expected to be swamped (no pun intended) with thousands of applications that will surely make admission that much more competitive.

So, ready to de-lurk?


CY said...

Um... I see that the qualifier you used for UF in the second-to-last paragraph is about how they are the only college with a double championship something-or-other... Hmm... heehee. So, preoccupied with May's college apps AND townhome-hunting, I hear? I am still waiting to read a blog about the soon-to-be-new home!!!! I couldn't get the webpage, that you told me over the phone (or rather, that Mom relayed), and I am really excited to see it!!!!!! :D Also, I am waiting for a new entry on aPleasant Surprise(s)!

Say Lee said...

Yes, and that would be football and basketball. And should UF repeat as basketball champ this year (and the team does look good, so far), then it would be truly double championship in the same academic year in collegiate sports.

As for the dream house, well, events have overtaken themselves by now.

Likewise, we are eagerly awaiting your next blog.